Driver Manager

Daniel Hellstrom daniel at
Mon Sep 7 09:09:59 UTC 2009


I have written a driver manager for RTEMS. It manages hardware devices, 
buses, drivers and driver resources/parameters. The manager solved a 
couple of problems which I faced during my driver development for 
LEON2/LEON3. Drivers and bus drivers using the driver manager can be 
found in the Aeroflex Gailser RTEMS (RCC) source distribution 
under c/src/lib/libbsb/sparc/shared, they might provide a good example.

I hope that the RTEMS community can benefit from my work.

Please read about it on the RTEMS wiki:

The patch below patches cpukit/{,,} 
to include the directory cpukit/libdrvmgr in the build scripts. The 
cpukit/libdrvmgr sources are found in the tar file. The files/patches 
are intended for RTEMS-HEAD.

Best Regards,
Daniel Hellstrom

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