Help needed for Blackfin eZKit533 BSP

Florian Kandzia kandzia at
Fri Sep 25 19:15:06 UTC 2009

Hello RTEMS community,

A student doing her diploma thesis and I have been trying to build RTEMS for 
the Blackfin BF533. We have an ADZS-BF533-EZLITE board and want to use the 
"eZKit533" BSP.

What I did:
- Setup MinGW/MSYS environment
- Install precompiled bfin-rtems tools 
- Compiled rtems-4.9.2 (from

RTEMS and the extra examples 
( compile 
well, but I have had no success executing the hello world executable in 
skyeye or the real hardware.

Skyeye just exits with a segmentation fault. For the real hardware I use a 
Wiggler cable and gdbproxy + gdb. This combination works perfectly for 
loading and executing non-rtems elf files produced with bfin-elf toolchain. 
I had no success executing any of the rtems executables that way.

I hope that there is someone out there who is running the eZKit533 BSP on 
real hardware. I would like to know the following:
- Which exact version of RTEMS you were using
- Which version of precompiled tools (if any) and which Host OS
- How did you load the executable (u-boot / Jtag, which one)
- Could you perhaps send me a hello.exe (or similar) that has successfully 
been executed on the EZKit? This would help me find out wether my 
executables or the way I try to execute them are(is) broken.


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