Announce: RTEMS Bugs Mailing List.

Chris Johns chrisj at
Thu Apr 22 07:08:06 UTC 2010

RTEMS Bugs Mailing List

This is to announcement the RTEMS Bugs mailing is now publicly available 
and open to subscription. This is a low traffic list which we hope will 
grow in use.

We encourage all users to use bugzilla to enter problems, patches and 
change requests so they can be tracked and formally managed.

Subscription to this list may result in duplicate emails for problems 
you are CC'ed on. This cannot be avoided due to Bugzilla sending a 
single email to each destination address attached to the bug not 
allowing the mailing list software to manage duplicates. Further any 
bugs transferred over from the old GNATS system will have the mailing 
list in the bug's CC field. The may result in duplicate posts. There are 
not many so I have decided to leave them.

If you have problems or questions please ask.


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