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Leon Pollak schrieb:
> On Monday April 26 2010, Arnout Vandecappelle wrote:
>>  Under LGPLv3 it seems to be possible to redistribute the LGPL'ed source
>> code together with the other binary object files, as long as it is possible
>> for the recipient to modify the the LGLP'ed library and link it with the
>> rest.
> This was my understanding of the issue, but I trusted Joel as much more 
> authoritative source in such kind of questions...:-)

This is also my understanding. But note that in many systems it may not
be applicable to let the customer modify the software, e.g. when the
overall timing of the software or the reached security level of the
software will change if a different version of the FTP library is linked

Even taken these aspects aside, using this LGPL FTP library will add the
responsibility of a supplier to make linkable objects of the application
available, so this would modify the usability of RTEMS.

It is always an option to add this library as an external
"contribution" package, but these packages typically experience faster
bit rot then those packages included in the RTEMS tree.

By the way: I have written the original FTPFS implementation. I found it
quite useful that I don't have to copy a file to the RTEMS system when
processing it. Out of curiousity: Which functionality are you really
missing in FTPFS, so you have to implement a different package?


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