Joris van Rantwijk jorisvr at
Thu Aug 12 16:04:24 UTC 2010

On Thursday 12 August 2010 17:25:14 João Rasta wrote:
> apbuartN is not recognized, only console_N. Either to include your driver or
> to use CONSOLE_USE_INTERRUPTS=1 i have to recompile rtems. I'll give it a
> try.

You need to call apbuart_register() before you can open /dev/apbuart1.

There is no need to recompile RTEMS to use the leonuart driver.
Just compile and link the driver with your application and call

> I have seen in your driver that rtems_termios_bufsize() can be used to
> change the driver buffer size. Can i use it to change the RX and TX size of
> the console_N driver?

Yes, but it won't have any effect if the driver is using polled I/O.
In any case it will not change the size of the hardware fifo.

Regards, Joris.

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