AW: GUI Libraries, Frame Buffer and Input Devices

Johannes Schock j.schock at
Tue Dec 14 11:48:30 UTC 2010

Sébastien, can you please keep the discussion on a level that doesn't debase
efforts of other people in other projects?
You can do advertisement for your project as much as you like, but spreading
comments like 

>> Microwindows, Nano-X, nxlib... the X11 sandwich: layers of crap make good

>> food? ;-)

>> Nano-X demos = jokes

is not the way you keep a discussion objective. It's more like spreading FUD
against a commercial opponent.

Concerning your MTK-Project I insist that it's GPL based without exception,
so I don't have the possibility to link it against a piece of software I
don’t' want to disclose.
Since RTEMS allows for usage in closed source projects (please correct if
I'm wrong) it won't be a good solution to use MTK (or Genode FX) in many
As far as I know, a kit consisting of nano-x (MPL), nxlib (MPL) and fltk
(LGPL with exception) allows for static linking without disclosure of code,
and fits better to RTEMS licensing in this case.

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