rtems_task_wake_after inside ASR

Peters, Kenneth J (3320) kenneth.j.peters at jpl.nasa.gov
Wed Dec 29 22:14:46 UTC 2010

My bad here. The delay does occur during the ASR.

My problem was that the ASR was in the same task that was supposed to
process a message queued pre-delay in the ASR. So the delay postponed
activity that I expected to see pre-delay. Straightening out the messaging
and processing activities fixed the issue.


On 12/28/10 3:25 PM, "Peters, Kenneth J (3320)"
<kenneth.j.peters at jpl.nasa.gov> wrote:

> What is expected to happen if rtems_task_wake_after is called within an ASR?
> I am seeing behavior that looks like the delay is executed after the ASR
> completes (so other code after the delay inside the ASR executes before the
> delay).
> I have more investigation to do, but figured someone might have the answer
> and be reading rtems-users while on vacation :-\
> Thanks,
> Ken Peters
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