Teng Chee Wan Philip tcheewan at ntu.edu.sg
Wed Feb 17 13:40:57 UTC 2010

Hi Marcin,

Personally, I have not used the CSB337 board.  I suppose the console is re-directed to one of the serial ports, like any other embedded boards.

Would you like to explain how you start the hello.exe program?

I have taken the liberty to post this reply to the RTEMS users mailing list.  Hopefully, someone can help answer your questions.  You can also subscribe and post to the list directly too.  And if you search the mailing list, you might be able to get additional information.


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From: Marcin krycho [mailto:marcinus_007 at wp.pl] 
Sent: 17 February 2010 18:13
To: Teng Chee Wan Philip
Subject: RTEMS on CSB337

I saw you were working on RTEMS. I have short question
regarding "hello world" sample program. It uses printf command. Where
this message should be send? To one of csb337 serial ports, or somewhere
else? I managed to compile RTEMS, but I have some problems with starting
hello.exe program.
BR, Marcin

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