RTEMS crash with error 18 (RTEMS_CALLED_FROM_ISR) again.

Nick Thomas nick.thomas at pixsan.com
Wed Feb 17 21:39:27 UTC 2010

> >
> Hmmm... in 4.7.x, it is possible that the stack checker is using printf
> which would be trying to lock a mutex.  It was changed to printk() some
> time past that point. Do you have stack checking on?

No, stack checking off.

I also see that irq_stub.S is where the _ISR_Nest_level and
_Thread_Dispatch_disable_level is incremented/decremented.
This is PowerPC specific, is there a known bug in this code for 4.7.1?

There are some compiler conditionals in there, like PPC_USE_SPRG and
PPC_USE_DATA_CACHE. Not sure which of those is used in my system. I will
look through the assembly code :~ .



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