how to make work my networkdriver for MULTICAST and TIMESTAMP with rtems

Diego Sanz dshernan80 at
Wed Jan 13 11:55:22 UTC 2010

Hello and happy new year for all.

I have RTEMS working for the mcf5234, a coldfire of Motorola. Once I have
the network working, now I need to implement in the driver the changes to be
able to send and recieve multicast packets. Addition, I have to make to the
sockets be able to take the time stamp.

The first I thought, was to look in the RTEMS source, looking where the code
for the socket make the call to the function IOCTL that calls to the
network.c driver ioctl function, becose if I know how the system make the
call, then I will know how to make the appropriate changes.

I am taking too much time, because search through to the all source lloking
for structures... where the functions are attached...

could tell me some one something that could help me? some example...
although the microcontroller will be different.

A lot of thanks

best regards

Diego Sanz
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