how to make work my networkdriver for MULTICAST and TIMESTAMP with rtems

Till Straumann strauman at
Wed Jan 13 14:43:24 UTC 2010

Diego Sanz wrote:
> Hello and happy new year for all.
> I have RTEMS working for the mcf5234, a coldfire of Motorola. Once I 
> have the network working, now I need to implement in the driver the 
> changes to be able to send and recieve multicast packets. Addition, I 
> have to make to the sockets be able to take the time stamp.
> The first I thought, was to look in the RTEMS source, looking where 
> the code for the socket make the call to the function IOCTL that calls 
> to the network.c driver ioctl function, becose if I know how the 
> system make the call, then I will know how to make the appropriate 
> changes.
E.g., this driver (as of rtems-4.9.3) does implement SIOCADDMULTI / 


If you do implement these for your driver then don't forget
to add IFF_MULTICAST to if_flags in the 'attach' function.

-- Till
> I am taking too much time, because search through to the all source 
> lloking for structures... where the functions are attached...
> could tell me some one something that could help me? some example... 
> although the microcontroller will be different.
> A lot of thanks
> best regards
> Diego Sanz
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