UART speed on leon3

Manuel Coutinho manuel.coutinho at
Fri Jan 15 10:26:32 UTC 2010


I am having a problem with the UART device for Leon3
The transmission speed seams very slow :(

>From what I can see, RTEMS initializes the UART registers with:

Control register = 3; (TE and RE bits are set to 1) 
Status register = 0;

And for transmission the following pseudo-code is executed:

Wait until status register bit TX Hold register is 0; 
Write do data register the output char;

Is this enough to initialize leon3 uart? Doesn't the scaler register need to
be initialized with some value?
Does anybody know the default baud rate set?

Thank you very much

Kind regards
Manuel Coutinho
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Apartado 382 Monte de Caparica
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