unnecessery include of stdlib.h and stdio.h

Zhu Zhongjie zhongjiezhu at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 18 16:32:19 UTC 2010

I found that the stdlib.h is included in rtems/src/ratemonreportstatistics.c, score/src/objectgetnameasstring.c,score/src/objectsetname.c, I think maybe this file should not be included in those files?
and maybe stdio.h is not needed in ctermid.c,getcwd.c,gxx_wrappers.c, lseek.c,printk,c vprintk.c,mallocfreespace.c, readdir_r.c, seekdir.c, termios.c, termiosinitialize.c in the libcsupport/src. I do not know whether it is correct?

Zhongjie Zhu

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