Problem when suspending a task.

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>> Yep, RTEMS provides lots of options.
>> This happens to be one that fits in the category of, "just because you
>> *can* do something it doesn't mean that you "*should*" do something"..
>> ;-)
>> There may be times when it's appropriate to suspend/destroy another
>> task, but you have to take into consideration all the possible side
>> effects of doing so.
>> I hope that this doesn't overly complicate your application.
> I presume that it is safe for task 'X' to suspend task 'Y' when 'Y' is
> asleep, or waiting on a message Q.
> And possibly when waiting on a semaphore.
You can suspend a task at any time.  But there are side-effects.
It is it waiting on a semaphore or message queue, it WILL eventually
receive the resource but will be suspended.  So it could be holding
a message to be processed or a mutex and be suspended.

The suspend state is additive.
> So, is it possible to obtain the state of the task to be suspended, and if
> it's in one of those states then I can suspend it.
> I see that the task state is listed in the monitor 'task' command, but this
> code is in RTEMS, and I can't see an obvious rtems_task_xxx API call to
> obtain this info. Is there one?
info calls were not defined in the original RTEID/ORKID API.
It is a shame.  It is an area that we really need more of.  Some
info type calls have been added over the years.  I added
rtems_task_self() not all that long ago.

rtems_task_get_state( id, &state )?


But this won't make suspend any safer because as soon as
you get the state, it could change.  And it doesn't tell you
if the task has a mutex.
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