User Feedback Wanted

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Sat Jul 24 14:51:53 UTC 2010


I have been asked to do a technical marketing
presentation on RTEMS to a local group.  The
contact has specifically asked that I address
the following questions and I would like some
user feedback to help provide the best case
for picking RTEMS.

I would love to hear user thoughts on these

+ Why Should I Pick RTEMS?  You as a user
   decided to use RTEMS.  What factors went into
   your decision.
+ What projects use RTEMS?  If your project
   is using RTEMS and not listed in the Wiki
   or has a flyer, now is the time to promote
   to the entire community.
+ Anything else which might help convince
   someone to use RTEMS.

So please help me put together some solid
"sales" material.  I will make the presentation
available via Moodle when finished so everyone
can use it when "selling" RTEMS.



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