GeSys on a mvme167?

Jan C. Bernauer bernauer at
Wed Jul 28 14:09:16 UTC 2010


On 23.07.10 03:41, Till Straumann wrote:
> I uploaded a current snapshot of GeSys including cexp. I had tested 
> this software on
> the mvme167 successfully albeit not recently.

Thank you very much.
I got it compiled after patching out the calls to  
rtems_bsdnet_initialize_tftp_filesystem() which does not exist anymore.

Next problem is a Null pointer derefence of symf.
The code path hits (in init.c)
     switch ( pathType(pathspec) ) {
         case LOCAL_PATH:
             fd = open(pathspec,O_RDONLY);
               if ( fd >= 0 )
                 symf = strdup(pathspec);

The open fails, and symf will not be set. Later, it is accessed and 
program dies.

I will investigate that further (should it open the file from a tftp 
mount? Maybe related to the problem above). For now I commented out the 
if line, so symf will get set anyway.

Next problem:
With tecla enabled, the shell spits out
   Cexp>Type '' for help (no quotes)
in an endless loop.
Without tecla, it seems to work.

> PS: Note that you have to tweak the EPICS build system if you want
> to build run-time loadable EPICS applications. I can give you more 
> information
> once you need it...

That would be the next step. Any help is really appreciated.

Best regards,

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