GeSys on a mvme167?

Till Straumann strauman at
Fri Jul 23 07:41:31 UTC 2010

Sorry it took so long to respond.

The GeSys and especially the binaries are unfortunately very old. I just 
don't have
the time to maintain these.

I uploaded a current snapshot of GeSys including cexp. I had tested this 
software on
the mvme167 successfully albeit not recently.

The build system is now gnu configure based - read 'INSTALL' for 

The sources are available from

-- Till

PS: Note that you have to tweak the EPICS build system if you want
to build run-time loadable EPICS applications. I can give you more 
once you need it...

On 07/20/2010 05:58 PM, Jan C. Bernauer wrote:
>  Hi,
>  the latest source for GeSys I can find is 2.1beta (from Till's 
> homepage), which claims to not support mvme167.
> However, the RTEMS evaluation CD seems to include a binary for that 
> board. Is there newer source available somewhere?
> My board has 16 Megs of RAM, so GeSys might be useful as a loader for 
> Epics.
> Best regards,
> Jan
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