still can't boot mvme2100

Heinz Junkes junkes at
Tue Jun 8 12:49:29 UTC 2010


i have now made a fresh installtion of  rtems-tools 4.10 from source for powerpc on debian lenny 5.0.4.
From the cvs i have loaded the rtems-4.9.4.

I could the hello_world test file. But still run into "Illegal Instruction" when i start hello.ralf
as i mentioned in my last mail:

 Network Boot File load in progress... To abort hit<BREAK>

 Bytes Received =&2524435, Bytes Loaded =&2524435
 Bytes/Second   =&841478, Elapsed Time =3 Second(s)

 Exception: Program (Illegal Instruction)

 SRR0 =001F0000 SRR1 =00083040 Vector-Offset =00700

The cpu board i use have 64 Mbyte of memory installed. Have i to modify mvme2100.cfg, linkcmds ?

Will  the mvme3100 - board run with RTEMS? I would buy such kind of boards if i can not get the mvme2100 
to run in the next two month ...

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