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Gedare Bloom gedare at gwmail.gwu.edu
Tue Jun 8 14:13:09 UTC 2010

Thanks for the pointer. AFAIW the sun2 and sun3 targets aren't
SPARC-based.  However, SPARCstation is SPARC V7 (so not too different
from the sparc RTEMS), and the sun-4u is SPARC V9, for which I'll be
releasing an RTEMS port in 4.11 -- So I will check this out and see if
it might be useful as a testing tool.


On Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 8:58 PM, Aaron J. Grier <agrier at poofygoof.com> wrote:
> passing this on; I don't know if anybody is interested in targeting sun
> hardware specifically, but it may be of interest for sparc targets in
> general.
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> Subject: sun2/sun3/sun4c/sun4u emulator
> Hi.  The new version of tme, 0.8, can also emulate an Ultra 1, and
> on x86 hosts with a supported host OS, the SPARCstation 2 and Ultra 1
> emulations will now do dynamic binary translation.  NetBSD 5.x seems
> to run pretty well on the different emulations.
> However, please remember that tme comes with no warranty.  Don't
> trust it to do anything correctly.
>  In particular, do not trust tme for floating-point work.  The
>  m68881 and sparc FPU emulations may not be exact.
> tme is meant to be very portable.  It should work on most Unix-like
> systems, including on 64-bit CPUs.  Instructions on how to download,
> build, and use it (including some screenshots) are at:
> http://csail.mit.edu/~fredette/tme/index.html
> Many thanks to Izumi Tsutsui, for testing and the pkgsrc entry.
> The code is still rough and the distribution isn't too user-friendly, but
> if you follow the instructions carefully, and have experience installing
> NetBSD on Sun machines, you just might end up with some emulated Suns.
> --
> Matt Fredette
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