Thumb-2/ARMv7/Cortex-M support.

Mike Panetta mprtems at
Sat Jun 19 16:12:13 UTC 2010

I was wondering if anyone was working on support for the above mentioned ARM architecture for RTEMS, and if not where a good place to start on it would be.  I looked through the existing CVS source and noticed that there does not seem to be support for the thumb-2 only cores.

Would a good place to start be to just make a separate core dir along side the arm code and just merge it back in later (if possible)?  I think the thumb-2 only devices are different enough that this may be the best course of action, since most of the hardware that uses the core stacks the ISR in hardware, and there is no switching between thumb and arm modes since arm mode does not exist.

The only issue I know of with taking this stance is I don't know enough about the other Cortex cores to know whether or not they support arm mode.  If they do, this may not be the best course of action.  It would definitely be the cleanest and easiest for me though.

Since I am just going to be working on this as a hobby type thing it would be slow going, and I may be asking quite a few questions if that is acceptable. :)


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