How to port RTEMS on a Cortex-M3 microcontroller

Christian Castellaro christian.castellaro at
Tue Jun 22 07:01:07 UTC 2010


My name is Christian Castellaro and I'm doing my Bachelor thesis in the department of Infotronics at the HES-SO in Sion (Switzerland).

This thesis consists in developing a demo board with two stm23 Cortex-M3 micro controllers exchanging data through a dual port 8kByte ram.

I'm currently using Eclipse with Yagarto Gdb debugger and OpenOCD to test some basic applications on the board and everything works fine.

My last task is to port RTEMS on this board to develop a Real-Time dual threaded application.

I searched the official Wiki and the users Mailing list for information on How to start this task but found nothing.

Could someone give me some Hints or links to useful pages?

Thank you very much in advance

truly yours

Christian Castellaro

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