How to enable HW FPU for RTEMS POSIX API

Gardner, Michael T mtgardn at
Fri Jun 25 15:35:09 UTC 2010

We are using the POSIX API with RTEMS 4.10 on a leon3 processor.  We would like to take advantage of the leon3's floating point hardware, however, in order to get our software to run without generating the "unexpected trap (0x4) fp disabled" error we have to make sure that we compile (and link) everything with the -msoft-float option.   This seems to preclude use of processor's hardware floating point.

 I have seen references to how to go about setting the RTEMS floating point task attribute but nothing for the POSIX API.  What do we need to do to enable hardware FPU usage with the POSIX API?

Michael T. Gardner
Sandia National Labs
mtgardn at

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