sh architecture, "hello" sample doesn't work

Steve Battazzo sbattazzo at
Sat Jun 26 08:56:10 UTC 2010

Ralf, you were somewhat right about the issue being with the memory.
It turns out that I needed to modify the gdbstub source to properly
configure the external memory bus for the layout on my board (in my case I
had to enable CS1 and a 32 bit external bus width for that region, in order
to use the external RAM).
(I could have poked the appropriate registers through GDB as well, but I
decided to recompile the stub).

There doesn't appear to be any conflict between the working memory areas of
the gdbstub and the rtems hello.exe application, or any issue with the
linker scripts after all.

After making that change to the gdbstub, I have been able to step through
the program with sh-rtems4.10-gdb and ddd!

But now I have a runtime error.. When the program reaches devfs_eval.c and
looks for the bsp's default specified console, "/dev/sci0" (as defined in
gensh2/include/bsp.h) in the device name table, it returns an error, "no
such file or directory."

There is this comment, in bsp.h however:
 *   These definitions will be no longer necessary if the old
 *   implementation of SCI driver will be droped

Does this comment happen to have something to do with why I can't open

Thanks for the help so far!

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