sh architecture, "hello" sample doesn't work

Alberico Colpo alberico at
Mon Jun 28 15:12:29 UTC 2010

Alle sabato 26 giugno 2010,Steve Battazzo ha scritto:
> Ralf, you were somewhat right about the issue being with the memory.
> It turns out that I needed to modify the gdbstub source to properly
> configure the external memory bus for the layout on my board (in my case I
> had to enable CS1 and a 32 bit external bus width for that region, in order
> to use the external RAM).
> (I could have poked the appropriate registers through GDB as well, but I
> decided to recompile the stub).

> There doesn't appear to be any conflict between the working memory areas of
> the gdbstub and the rtems hello.exe application, or any issue with the
> linker scripts after all.
> After making that change to the gdbstub, I have been able to step through
> the program with sh-rtems4.10-gdb and ddd!
> But now I have a runtime error.. When the program reaches devfs_eval.c and
> looks for the bsp's default specified console, "/dev/sci0" (as defined in
> gensh2/include/bsp.h) in the device name table, it returns an error, "no
> such file or directory."
> There is this comment, in bsp.h however:
> /* FIXME:
>  *   These definitions will be no longer necessary if the old
>  *   implementation of SCI driver will be droped
>  */
> Does this comment happen to have something to do with why I can't open
> /dev/sci0?

I remember i enabled the redefinition of CONSOLE_DRIVER_TABLE_ENTRY in bsp.h.

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