Dumb Question - Linkcmds and Heap initialization

Robert S. Grimes rsg at alum.mit.edu
Wed Mar 10 15:07:09 UTC 2010

  Okay, some clarification and news...

  1. Some of the output, such as the "calling ..." and
  "bsp_pretasking_hook called..." are simple printk
  debugging messages I had added.

  2. I've added some more debugging calls that
  indicate the heap walker is being called from
  malloc, but there is no evidence that the heap was
  ever initialized to begin with.  This certainly
  would explain the following messages!

  It seems the problem lies within the BSP startup, or
  maybe what the RTEMS startup sequence expects from
  the BSP (and how linkcmds affects that, I suppose). 
  So, my questions become thus:

  1. When (and where) is the heap set up?

  2. Is it possible that an uninitialized heap could
  actually work?

  3. How could the start location of .text cause an
  (presumably uninitialized) heap to either work or

  4. Again, I'm using powerpc/virtex BSP, under 4.9.0;
  has the startup been changed such that this problem
  has already been addressed?

  Thanks again,

Robert S. Grimes

RSG Associates
Embedded Systems and Software Development
for Military, Aerospace, Industry - and beyond!
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