Cortex-M3 support?

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Mon Mar 1 20:47:47 UTC 2010

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> xu ray wrote:
> >
> >
> > You can refer to make/custom/rtl22xx_t.cfg and rtl22xx_t BSP.
> This is a
> > Thumb BSP. Try the "-mcpu=cortex-m3 -mthumb" flag for cortext-m3.
> I
> > think no one have ever tried the cortex-m3 flag with rtems tool
> chain
> > yet, hoping it works for you. Btw, minimum code size for
> rtl22xx_t is
> > about 16K with 2K .bss/.data space, and the binary removed the
> > filesystem and libc overhead. What is your requirement for RAM
> and ROM
> > space?
> >
> Using a very small cortex-m3 now. 64k flash, 10k ram. Sounds
> interesting
> if I can get the app to fit. :)
> For fun, built my current project (no rtos) with rtems chain and it
> built. Don't remember if I tried to run it.
> -gene
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I'm currently using FreeRTOS on an STM32 as a learning exercise before
trying to get RTEMS to run on ST's STM3210C eval board.

I had no luck building code using the RTEMS toolchain on cygwin.  I had
to use Sourcery G++ to get useful results.  Once I'm more familiar with
the STM32 I hope to get RTEMS running.

Steven Grunza
steven_grunza at

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