Cortex-M3 support?

Gene Smith gds at
Mon Mar 1 21:03:32 UTC 2010

Steven Grunza wrote:
> I'm currently using FreeRTOS on an STM32 as a learning exercise before

Was just looking at that too.

> trying to get RTEMS to run on ST's STM3210C eval board.

I have STM3210E with a display on it (got it free from ST). Its a 
monster compared to my target board. :)

> I had no luck building code using the RTEMS toolchain on cygwin. 

Built error free on linux but never tried to run it, IIRC.

> I had
> to use Sourcery G++ to get useful results.  Once I'm more familiar with

Also using CS lite, eabi bare-metal.

> the STM32 I hope to get RTEMS running.

Have managed to use zero ARM assembly so don' think I would be much help. :)

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