Simple Line Editor

Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Mar 3 23:01:20 UTC 2010

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Could the current GSOC project have a second phase to implement
> the alternate use of tecla?
> I am just thinking since this project is primarily refactoring and
> documenting the existing line editor, it shouldn't add a lot of work
> to be able to use an alternate "line entry" system.

The existing project is not big if you support the functionality that 
currently exists. I think creating an interface and then supporting a couple 
of line editors is starting to be a GSoC sized project.

> And one could
> be a very simple fgets() which would be no history, no real editing,
> etc.  Even lighter.

Yes we should provide a very basic one. It could call the BSP polled input, ie 
the input version of printk. The current shell could also be broken down into 
parts so you can have a very simple helpless ability to execute some commands 
in low memory targets as well as splitting up the scripting support.

> So at the end, we would have shell with support for multiple
> line entry subsystems and a way to configure them.



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