Problem with ARM floating point and sprintf

rtems at rtems at
Wed Mar 24 10:04:11 UTC 2010

I also have the problem with floating point on the arm compiler for rtems
4.9 (rpm for Fedora 10 32-bit) (detected by Sebastian Huber).  We're
trying to migrate our code from rtems to 4.9.3 (or higher).  When
doing a printf of a nonzero double the call never returns.  Because of
this the compiler is simply unusable for our application

So, I have a few questions regarding the status of this problem:

* From which version of the compiler does this problem occur?  With the
4.7 compiler we do not see the problem.  Is it also the case with the 4.8
or with one of the older configurations for the 4.9?

* Is there a know workaround (by recompiling the compilers with specific
configure settings, older checkout, ...)

* Is there anybody actively working on this problem?

Thank you!

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