Calling rtems_io_lookup_name from within an ISR

Jamie Bowman jamie.bowman at
Tue May 11 16:01:52 UTC 2010



Hopefully this should be quite an easy one. Within the RTEMS Documentation
"c_user" it states that the following is a list of RTEMS system calls that
may be made from an ISR:

*	IO Management

The following services are safe to call from an ISR if and only if the
device driver service invoked is also safe. The IO Manager itself is safe
but the invoked driver entry point may or may not be. rtems_io_initialize,
rtems_io_open, rtems_io_close, rtems_io_read, rtems_io_write, rtems_io_


Is it safe to call an rtems_io_lookup_name from within an ISR?


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