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Am 30.05.2010 13:26, schrieb Nick Thomas:
>> The problem is the same problem we have seen before, with
>> _ISR_Nest_level
>> stuck at 1, and _Thread_Dispatch_disable_level now stuck at 2. (at
>> least
>> they haven't gone negative this time).
> I spoke too soon :( .
> I have just seen the _Thread_Dispatch_disable_level go to -1 !
> Are there any conditions where _Thread_Dispatch_disable_level going negative
> is valid?
AFAIK _Thread_Dispatch_disable_level shoul dNEVER get negative, so when
you detect it negative, something has gone seriously wrong before.
Unfortunately you can't be sure that things went wrong during the
interrupt/dispatch where you detect that condition.

Tinkering around at the sympthoms will not lead to a fix for your
problem, I am sure you have the same opinion.

So in your situation I would try to:
- - share more knowledge about my system with the community: Which BSP are
you using, what has been modified in the BSP to get things up and runing
on your hardware, what kind of hardware are you using (which chip, which
interrupt sources, which special units?)

- - try to implement an interrupt proof circular event log, where you can
store vital info at every interrupt entry, interrupt exit, thread
dispatch etc, so when you detect a fault condition you may find out what
happened in the past.

- - You may also get commercial support from experienced people (see ->
www.oarcorp.com or www.embedded-brains.de , HINT, HINT). We had tracked
down hard-to-find problems in the past and have a lot of knowledge
concerning HW/SW interaction, PowerPC and exception handling ;-)


> If not, then I could add a check to _Thread_Enable_dispatch in
> threaddispatch.c to ensure that this doesn't happen.
> Although, this doesn't really sound like the right approach, I am open to
> other suggestions.
> Regards
> Nick
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