RTEMS PowerPC progress (Not).

Nick Thomas nick.thomas at pixsan.com
Sun May 30 11:26:25 UTC 2010

> Following on from our discussions from earlier emails, we have been
> working
> on the following list of mods:
> 1) Upgrade RTEMS OS from 4.7.1 to 4.7.3 .
> 2) Compile using -fno-strict-aliasing, and also adding this to all of
> the
> other project modules.
> 3) Increase the task stack size (according to Joel's suggestion). I
> have
> increased the minimum stack size for all tasks. We have plenty of RAM
> so
> this is easy to do.
> And, I really thought we were on to something. The unit stayed up far
> longer
> than before.
> So, I left it running over night, but when I came to look at the unit
> this
> morning, it's frozen :(
> The problem is the same problem we have seen before, with
> _ISR_Nest_level
> stuck at 1, and _Thread_Dispatch_disable_level now stuck at 2. (at
> least
> they haven't gone negative this time).

I spoke too soon :( .
I have just seen the _Thread_Dispatch_disable_level go to -1 !

Are there any conditions where _Thread_Dispatch_disable_level going negative
is valid?

If not, then I could add a check to _Thread_Enable_dispatch in
threaddispatch.c to ensure that this doesn't happen.
Although, this doesn't really sound like the right approach, I am open to
other suggestions.



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