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On Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 7:35 AM, Eugene Shvets <lhj7362 at> wrote:

>  I managed to install rtems and the toolchain at the host computer(ubuntu
> 10.04LTS). I need to download rtems into the board, or at least try it at
> Is it right that I need to create bootable image now and somehow load it
> There is a grub page at rtemsWiki, however there is no instruction
> regarding how to make an image.
> I am new, and I dont understand : the rtems was already built to work under
> target-board, so it wont work under host computer? If yes, how can it be
> possible to load it with qemu?

See wiki instructions on running rtems under qemu (there are also links to
bootable grub. the rtems-testing CVS module has some scripts to help):

> How can I download rtems/programs into the board? If my ultimate goal is
> rtems working on the board and several tasks running under rtems what are my
> next steps? How can I know what is happening in the board? Through light
> indicators on the board or there is a way to make interface at host?
These are probably board-specific and I can't help.  If the board has a
serial UART and rtems console driver you can probably connect using a telnet

There probably are answers at wiki, however I have like NO idea where to
> start and what to search for.
> I am sorry I ask that many questions..
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