rtems kernel

Karel Gardas karel.gardas at centrum.cz
Mon Nov 8 11:53:54 UTC 2010


RTEMS kernel is linked directly into application executable. Just boot
any of the exe files below and you will get what you are searching for.


On 11/08/10 12:44, Eugene Shvets wrote:
>  I need to boot rtems with GRUB.
> There are wiki pages devoted to QEMU and GRUB. However I need a kernel image
> of rtems to use grub(like when we use linux, we put linux-kernel-2.6.xy into
> /boot directory). I cannot find it.
> I did some search and found the same question
> http://www.rtems.com/ml/rtems-users/2008/february/msg00125.html
> So, I installed rtems as said in here
> http://www.rtems.com/wiki/index.php/Building_the_RTEMS_toolset_on_Ubuntu
> However I couldn't find the image or nesessary *.exe file.
> I invoked :/opt/rtems-4.10# find . -name "*.exe" -print
> And got the following result:
> ./bfin-rtems4.10/bf537Stamp/lib/rtems-4.11/tests/pppd.exe
> ./bfin-rtems4.10/bf537Stamp/lib/rtems-4.11/tests/cxx_iostream.exe
> ./bfin-rtems4.10/bf537Stamp/lib/rtems-4.11/tests/paranoia.exe
> ./bfin-rtems4.10/bf537Stamp/lib/rtems-4.11/tests/fileio.exe
> ./bfin-rtems4.10/bf537Stamp/lib/rtems-4.11/tests/capture.exe
> ./bfin-rtems4.10/bf537Stamp/lib/rtems-4.11/tests/base_sp.exe
> ./bfin-rtems4.10/bf537Stamp/lib/rtems-4.11/tests/minimum.exe
> ./bfin-rtems4.10/bf537Stamp/lib/rtems-4.11/tests/cdtest.exe
> ./bfin-rtems4.10/bf537Stamp/lib/rtems-4.11/tests/unlimited.exe
> ./bfin-rtems4.10/bf537Stamp/lib/rtems-4.11/tests/nsecs.exe
> ./bfin-rtems4.10/bf537Stamp/lib/rtems-4.11/tests/ticker.exe
> ./bfin-rtems4.10/bf537Stamp/lib/rtems-4.11/tests/loopback.exe
> ./bfin-rtems4.10/bf537Stamp/lib/rtems-4.11/tests/hello.exe
> Why these samples are stored at lib directory?
> And where is the RTEMS image ? What is it named like? how can I search it?
> Thank you
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