VirtualBOX + gPXE> imgload rtems.exe --> Invalid argument (0x1c838002)

Евгений Савенко savenkoeugene at
Thu Oct 28 11:37:54 UTC 2010

Hello all.

I'm trying to run my the RTEMS project in VirtualBox where I use the
gPXE  as boot-loader that is run from virtual floppy disk. The gPXE
fetches the executable rtems.exe successful but the imgload command
returns “Invalid argument (0x1c838002)”.
gPXE> imgfetch tftp://
imgfetch tftp:// .  ok
gPXE> imgstat
rtems.exe: 1187864 bytes “”           <-- ! correct size !
gPXE> imgload rtems.exe
Could not load rtems.exe:   Invalid argument (0x1c838002)

I use Linux Debian/lenny as a development platform and the RTEMS
release-4.8. Build my project in IDE Eclipse + CDT RTEMS plug-in no
errors no warnings. Resulting executable rtems.exe I'm trying  to

May by the gPXE doesn’t my executable format?

Are anybody faced with that problem or similar?

Thanks for any help.

Best regards,
Eugene Savenko.

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