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Sat Oct 30 15:33:58 UTC 2010

To preface my response, I don't have any experience with the blackfin
in particular.

I think you have the right high-level idea of what to do.  I would
suggest trying to build RTEMS and run it with either one of the
existing blackfin BSPs on the skyeye simulator [1] or follow the
quick-start instructions [2, 3] with the sparc-gdb, or try to build
the pc386 target with the qemu [4].  One of these 3 options would give
you some experience with building and booting RTEMS on a simulator, to
give you a feel for the toolchain flow.

I think the tools should be identical for your target, so as Joel
said, you may at most need to make some minor tweaks to an existing
BSP.  I would suggest to compare the bf537 stamp with the bf537
ezlite.  I took a look at a product sheet [5] and think that is your
most likely route to success, it looks to me like the 537 stamp is
basically an enhanced version of the 537 ezlite, so it looks like you
may have to figure out what to remove from the BSP to get the target
hardware to work.

Once you are satisfied that the peripherals and drivers of the BSP
match up with your board, then you will want to build and transfer an
executable to the hardware.  For this I cannot give you advice. And
once you get things working, it would be nice to get a write-up about
what you did -- if little or no BSP changes were necessary, then a
subsection could be added to the existing BSP page on the wiki.

Good luck,


On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 5:29 PM, Eugene Shvets <lhj7362 at> wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 7:48 PM, Joel Sherrill wrote:
>>  On 10/29/2010 10:43 AM, Eugene Shvets wrote:
>>>  Hey everyone!
>>> I want to insall RTEMS at blackfin bf537 ezlite board. I am totally new
>>> to this things, but from what I aknowledged from wiki, I need first to
>>> create an appropriate BSP since there is support only for bf537stamp board.
>>> Hopefuly, I'll manage to do this with the help of onlinedocs.
>>> Then I should build RTEMS providing it with the ready BSP with
>>> --enable-rtemsbsp option (providing the directory to the file?).
>>>  Am I right?
>>> Another question is how can I then download the built RTEMS into the
>>> board? Is Uboot the way to go?
>>>  Thanks, and again, I am sorry for stupid questions.
>> No stupid questions but you will have to help us answer your
>> question. :D
>> There is another bfin BSP -- eZKit533.  Is it closer?
>> How close is the bf537 ezlite to the stamp?  If both
>> are basically a PCB around the SOC, then likely you
>> can just use a BSP variant and handle the differences
>> as needed.  A variation is some build/configure magic which
>> lets you have an alternative build of a single BSP source
>> directory.
>> So how close are the existing board?
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>  Thank you for your answer. Tbh I don't know how close both kits are. I just
> got the basics and was planning the work-to-do.
> I thought that different versions wouldn't fit. Ofc I'll try now to tweak
> those BSP's first. I am wondering if I get the order right - first I make
> BSP then build RTEMS(with custom BSP) and then download RTEMS into the
> board?
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