Strange problem with newlib strstr function and rtems 4.10 on coldfire

Paul Whitfield paulw at
Mon Apr 18 02:51:29 UTC 2011

Hello All,

I have a weird problem with the strstr function seeming to not work 
correctly on Rtems 4.10 with a Coldfire processor.

The problem is that strstr appears to be matching on where there is no

I have a code snippet below that shows the problem.

I expect that the "result" below would be a string pointing
to the first occurrence of "<%" in the string, i.e.
pointing to "<% company_name() ...
However what I am getting is a pointer to <html>

This is causing web pages service by the httpd web-server
to not work correctly (previously this worked fine
with RTEMS4.6).

If I swap the strstr with the mystrstr() function shown below
it works correctly.

Is this a newlib bug?


char *needle = "<%";
char *haystack = "<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC \"-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 
             "<meta http-equiv=\"Window-target\" content=\"_top\">\n"
             "<title><% company_name(); %>  <% firmware_name(); %></title>"
             "<script type=\"text/javascript\">";

  char *result ;

  result = strstr(haystack,needle);

  printf("Result is %s\n", result);


/* Implementation of strstr cribbed from the internet */
char * mystrstr(const char * in , const char * str )
     char c;
     size_t len;

     c = *str++;
     if (!c)
         return (char *) in;	// Trivial empty string case

     len = strlen(str);
     do {
         char sc;

         do {
             sc = *in++;
             if (!sc)
                 return (char *) 0;
         } while (sc != c);
     } while (strncmp(in, str, len) != 0);

     return (char *) (in - 1);


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