Zandin Johan johan.zandin at
Fri Apr 15 07:26:45 UTC 2011

Thomas Doerfler wrote
>Porting packages to RTEMS is always welcome, but in many cases this
>requires adaption of the package-to-be-ported, not of RTEMS itself.
>I am sure you will find a different way to get this package to work.

Well spoken Thomas. 

So Sébastien, if you can't convince the upstream maintainers to make the
software portable, you can always adapt the package yourself for RTEMS.

Systems like OpenBSD does this all the time when they can't get the rest
of the world to agree with their high security ambitions. They even have
a complete infrastruture in place to manage this. (I suspect that is not
the case for RTEMS, but it might be a interesting project for the future.)


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