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Thu Apr 14 23:03:59 UTC 2011

On Apr 14, 2011, at 11:53 , Sebastien Bourdeauducq wrote:

> Good luck with people like ...
> (I'm not saying that Freetype upstream has this mentality, but it exists
> in big GNU projects and you'll have to deal with that)

I think this link's content is completely irrelevant in relations to RTEMS.

I'm interested in long-up-time fail-safe real time control systems, medical systems, semiconductor production machinery, etc.  I'm *always* going to be in a minority when it comes to software.  

However, I purposefully decided to work in this minority, because I like the challenge and the idea of working on software for things that have to work.

So I'm in the general software minority, but I'm a substantial part of the RTEMS target market.

Standards are looked over and vetted by many thoughtful eyes.  It isn't that hard for you to add a "-I some_header_location" and a local copy of the header that you want in order for the software to build, and to provide that implementation to others, without expecting it to be pulled into the RTEMS distribution.

I have to ask (as a part of that tyrannical minority who want things to always be well defined) what general software is using __WORDSIZE?  The leading "_" means it's restricted to use by the operating system (OK, I'm being a tyrannical minority), that extra leading "_" is bizarre (my aesthetic opinion), and there are well-vetted portable ways to do this (again, I'm being part of a tyrannical minority by expecting things to be portable).

I totally disagree with you.

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