Wolfram Wadepohl Wolfram.Wadepohl at
Mon Apr 18 06:06:34 UTC 2011

this is the time to jump into the discussion and open a more 'political' 

Yes, Ralf is right. In theory. On the other hand Sebastien is right, 
because he wants to get a widely used part of software working on 'his' (i. 
e. our) RTEMS.

I'm focussed many times with a lot of questions from sales and management 
why we cannot support easily or just out of the box many things GNU/LINUX 
or even Windows can do. I cannot argue with standards or that on the 
GNU/LINUX or Windows side is anything broken. That's the truth, but no one 
wants listen to it. The real world is different than the technicians think.

The resulting question is IMHO essential for the future of RTEMS in 
industrial projects: How much non standard but widely used 'junk' do we 
adopt or allow? And how get we this done?

We are going a about 10 years in comercial RTMES projects, but the pressure 
gets higher to change to a more 'flexible' system. No question, RTEMS is a 
rock solid real-time system, but for many industrial projects, especially 
for plant engineering and automation there are strong voices for a third 
mainstream besides Step7 (europe) and Windows: GNU/LINUX.
Will there be room for RTEMS in small and medium-sized businesses? 
Apparently not. Can we chnage this? Of course.

Wolfram Wadepohl, Forschung & Entwicklung
E&K AUTOMATION GMBH, Werk Reutlingen

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