Next Batch of SMP Patches

Antoine Lacroix lacroix.antoine at
Mon Apr 25 10:37:50 UTC 2011

Hi Joel,

I'm impatient to test 4.11's SMP.
For the moment I'm still on version 4.9.5, trying to learn about mp 
configuration and I was wondering how I can launch base_mp_node1 
base_mp_node2 test executables with psim. Can't find the correct command 
line for psim.


I like your blog page, always very interesting topics in it.

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> Hi,
> Jennifer and I are about to file some PRs
> with more SMP support.  We will also likely
> merge some less critical changes without
> filing PRs (e.g. spelling, etc.)  Rather
> than repeat the current status of SMP in every
> PR, I thought is best to provide an overview
> that could be referenced.
> We are doing our best to break this into as many
> small incremental pieces as possible so the review
> and integration into the main tree is easier.
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