rtems++ test stub, how to compile it?

Mogens Dybæk Christensen MogensD.Christensen at man.eu
Wed Aug 10 14:31:04 UTC 2011

> From: Chris Johns [mailto:chrisj at rtems.org]
> Sent: 10. august 2011 12:56
> To: Mogens Dybæk Christensen
> Cc: Ralf Corsepius; rtems-users at rtems.org
> Subject: Re: rtems++ test stub, how to compile it?
> On 10/08/11 5:40 PM, Mogens Dybæk Christensen wrote:
> > Even librtems++.a is built, but apparently never used.
> I wrote these classes years and years ago and would not use them. If I
> was looking for a C++ interface to RTEMS I would look towards the
> latest
> (pending?) C++ standard rather than this code. The clang's libcxx and
> the STLPorts project have thread support. I have not tried these on
> RTEMS but they have POSIX support and so does RTEMS. This means these
> libraries plus POSIX would seem a more robust and better path forward.
> Just my 2cents (AU that is) worth.
> Chris

Hi Chris

Thanks for this first line update. :-)

The reason for looking into this is, that we have a large codebase running on another real time OS. There we have an OS wrapper like yours, that exists for the target OS, for simulation and for WIN32. 

So we actually want to re-implement our wrappers for task, semaphores etc. on top of RTEMS. And if parts of the solution already exists, it is interesting.  :-)


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