Is Ubuntu now supported?

Yann Sionneau yann at
Tue Aug 16 14:39:45 UTC 2011

On 08/16/2011 04:30 PM, Steven Grunza wrote:
> I just noticed
> on the RTEMS site.  Is Ubuntu going to be supported going forward or is
> this a one-time deal? 
Whether Ubuntu packages for the toolchains will be built in the future
or not, you can still compile the toolchains yourself :
> The Wiki page at
> mentions the rtems-BRANCH-apt-conf-VERSION-DISTRIBUTION.noarch.rpm which
> doesn't seem to exist.
> The Wiki page at
> mentions using the alien package to convert the RedHat .rpm files into
> debian packages.
Indeed you can convert rpm packages to .deb, but .deb are available at
> Seems like there are now (sort of) three ways to get RTEMS packages into
> a Ubuntu system.  I've Google'd around looking for details about RTEMS
> on Ubuntu; if I missed something please point me to it.
If by three ways you mean

1°) Install the .deb
2°) Convert .rpm to .deb and then install the .deb
3°) Compile your own toolchain from sources

I guess it's correct.


Yann Sionneau

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