Is Ubuntu now supported?

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Tue Aug 16 14:56:13 UTC 2011

Ralf has started experimenting with building them. I do not know the current status. I assume that once the initial issues are addressed they will pop up at the same time as rpms like the cygwin and mingw packages do.

But we should wait for Ralf to get us the current status and his plans


Steven Grunza <grunza at> wrote:

>I just noticed
>on the RTEMS site.  Is Ubuntu going to be supported going forward or is
>this a one-time deal? 
>The Wiki page at
>mentions the rtems-BRANCH-apt-conf-VERSION-DISTRIBUTION.noarch.rpm which
>doesn't seem to exist.
>The Wiki page at
>mentions using the alien package to convert the RedHat .rpm files into
>debian packages.
>Seems like there are now (sort of) three ways to get RTEMS packages into
>a Ubuntu system.  I've Google'd around looking for details about RTEMS
>on Ubuntu; if I missed something please point me to it.
>Steven G.
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