Build Failure with 4.10 lm32

Graham Henderson graham615 at
Fri Feb 18 02:38:17 UTC 2011

I figured it out and posted to the list.....the post got bounced back due to the size.
"When asked to install the build tools, I guess it means ALL the build tools.  I installed the automake and autoconf from, re-executed bootstrap, configure and make.  Given my new-found confidence, I may attempt this under MinGW."
Anyway, thanks for the offer to you can see it was a tools issues that I just needed to work through.  I received the Lattice dev board today and will begin the process of creating a configuration and get a simple application running. 

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On 17/02/11 12:59 PM, Graham Henderson wrote:
> I have included the output of configure and make as well as my path and
> the contents of the tool directory. I am new at this ( two days) and at
> a loss. Any advice would be appreciated.

I suspect something is happening before getting to here that is causing the problem.

I do not know your time zone but I am currently on IRC so if you can drop by maybe we can figure this out.


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