Current status for running a ARM BSP on QEMU ?

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Sat Jan 1 10:08:16 UTC 2011

Basically,Qemu is similar to skyeye. I tried Qemu with RTEMS for ARM years
ago. However, the qemu version I used is from neo1973, also known as
openmoko projects.

You can change qemu code and configuration and force it load elf/bin file.
Or, use uboot to load rtems from qemu. It is practical.

There seems to be some activities in qemu to support more arm and cortex
CPU. But you will have to check the BSP you want to run is the CPU qemu


2010/12/31 Simon Clubley <simon.clubley at>

> I have been looking at the possibility of running a ARM BSP under QEMU
> and I have been reading through various online references.
> I see there has been much talk of doing this, including some actual
> plans to do so, but I haven't found any references to anyone actually
> doing it as people (including myself :-)) seem to have been using
> Skyeye for a emulator so far.
> Has anyone actually got a ARM BSP running on QEMU ?
> If you have, which BSP did you use ?
> Also, given that QEMU is a full system emulator, did you create a disk
> image (pc386/grub style) or did you emulate booting from flash ?
> Thanks for any information/ideas,
> Simon.
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