Current status for running a ARM BSP on QEMU ?

Simon Clubley simon.clubley at
Sat Jan 1 13:25:01 UTC 2011

2011/1/1 xu ray < at>:
> Basically,Qemu is similar to skyeye. I tried Qemu with RTEMS for ARM years
> ago. However, the qemu version I used is from neo1973, also known as
> openmoko projects.
> You can change qemu code and configuration and force it load elf/bin file.
> Or, use uboot to load rtems from qemu. It is practical.
> There seems to be some activities in qemu to support more arm and cortex
> CPU. But you will have to check the BSP you want to run is the CPU qemu
> supported.

Thanks for the pointer; I will look into it.

Joel also mailed me and pointed out the qemu files in the
rtems-testing CVS module which are designed to work with the Gumstix


Simon Clubley
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