Increase RAM_SIZE to be used

Julien Delange julien.delange at
Thu Jul 21 17:06:34 UTC 2011

Dear all,

I am currently using RTEMS 4.8 to build a new system that has a lot of
functions. It is executed on a LEON2 platform.
 At that time, the compiled size of the binary is more than 8Mb. When
I try to load it on the target, I got the following error from RTEMS :

bspstart: Not enough RAM!!!

So, I investigated and went through the sources of RTEMS and find out
that it might be related by the configuration table of the BSP but for
that BSP, the values taken for the RAM and other memory related
resources are deduced from the linked script. So, I tried to change
the RAM_SIZE of the linkcmds file included in RTEMS. Unfortunately, I
still have the same error even when if I specify 16M as RAM_SIZE in
the linkcmds file.

So, I would like to know if somebody already tried to change the RAM
size of the BSP, especially for the LEON target. Anyway, is there
another solution/hook that might be used to get rid of this error and
use all the available RAM on the target ?

Thanks for any help regarding this topic,

Best regards,

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