[GSOC]Progress Report of MMU support project

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at embedded-brains.de
Tue Jul 12 10:11:47 UTC 2011

On 07/11/2011 01:41 PM, Quanming Shi wrote:
> Dear all
>  This is midterm report of GSOC 2011 rtems mmu support project . This
> project's target is adding an memory protect API to RTEMS.  In the last
> month  I finished the general version of the API code.
> I update the structure and functions of the project. Compare to the ALUT
> structure mentioned in my last report, I removed the ID part, as shown below
>     start address;                 size;             attribute;
> Start Address
> 	Address Space Length	Access Attribute
> In the functions , the block pointer is used as the ID of the specific
> ALUT block.  I think this will be more convenient for users and don't
> need to search blocks or  ID frequently.  Nearly all of the API
> functions accept the block pointer as the first param.
> Here is the list of the implemented  API functions :
> rtems_status_code rtems_memp_alut_init ( void );

What is the difference between memp and mprot?  RTEMS in general uses no
abbreviations in its API.

> rtems_status_code
> rtems_memp_alut_create_entry(
> char* start_addr, size_t size, rtems_memp_access_attr attr,
> rtems_mprot_alut_entry **p_ret);

I would not use size_t here since this is used for the size of single objects.
 I would use uintptr_t instead.

> rtems_status_code
> rtems_memp_delete_entry(rtems_mprot_alut *p_ret);
> rtems_status_code rtems_mprot_alut_search(char *addr, rtems_mprot_alut
> **p_ret);
> rtems_status_code
> rtems_memp_alut_set_attr(rtems_mprot_alut *p_ret, 
> rtems_memp_access_attr* new_attribute);
> rtems_status_code
> rtems_memp_get_attr(rtems_mprot_alut *p_ret, rtems_memp_access_attr*  attr);

One problem with set and get methods is that you cannot atomically set and get
things.  Thus rtems_task_set_priority() can be used for example to set and get
the priority of a task (there are similar functions in the RTEMS API).

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