zlib build problem

Sebastien Bourdeauducq sebastien at milkymist.org
Sat Jul 30 10:04:04 UTC 2011

On Sat, 2011-07-30 at 10:47 +0200, Sebastien Bourdeauducq wrote:
> > The breakdown you describe, could indicate you to be using a toolchain 
> > which doesn't have the RTEMS newlib-patches applied (c.f. the latest 
> > newlib patch in contrib/crossrpms/patches on CVS-HEAD).
> Could be. I will try to recompile the toolchain with this patch and let
> you know.

The problem is still present with newlib-1.19.0-rtems4.11-20110724.diff
(and gcc-core-4.5.3-rtems4.11-20110426.diff + 

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